Because in 2020 we don’t have the time for a beautician.

At Lecler, we care. We care how you feel about yourself, your looks, and the health of your skin. Commitment to creating products that are pleasant to wear and produce science-backed skin-loving results defines us.
A background of 10 years in pharmacy connected two friends for a common purpose — to use our knowledge in creating a product that helps self-loving individuals take care of their skin, conveniently.
What makes Lecler sheet masks so special?
Convenient skincare.

French in style,
PhD in effectiveness.

Lecler, or le cle, French for key, is our key to approachable beauty, self-love and content. Guided by careful research, we combine absorption and function to bring together a portfolio of skin-loving sheet masks for the busy professional. With easy application, a 20-minute use period and rejuvenating effects, our sheet masks fit seamlessly into your self-care routine.

Loving The Earth
and your skin alike.

More than a year goes into carefully sourcing and combining ingredients to perfect the lineup that we present to you. We source our ingredients from time-proven plants in Asia and take pride in researching and producing our wellness essentials in Europe with exceptional care for skin and integrity.
All resulting ingredients are potent, active and highly-therapeutic to ensure they are absorbed and effective. We are committed to producing skincare free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.
All of our products are proven in function; they are vegan and animal-cruelty free.

“A sheet made of silk that is pleasant to wear, sustainably sourced, and proven effective by studies.”

Kempinski / The Spa