Tips for a great looking healthy skin

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Tips for a great looking healthy skin

Looking for an inspiration, we turned to East Asian women known for flawless skin. Take a look at 9 steps to take your skin to a next radiance level.

1. Eye Makeup Remover (if it is oil based, it should be washed away with water).
2. Facial Cleanser – jelly, gel or foam, eliminating skin impurities and make-up.
3. Tonic or lotion finishing up skin cleansing, neutralizing pH, closing up the pores, refreshing and hydrating the skin.
4. Ampoules, serums or elixyrs – soothing, moisturizing, enriched with vitamin C – choose depending on your skin’s needs. If you have not tried any of concentrated skincare and you are over 30 we recommend to explore this area of skincare.
5. Eye area moisturizer.
6. Face cream for day and night.
7. Protection from the sun: skincare with an SPF of 25-30 should be used on a daily basis. Have in mind that liquid or loose powder will protect your skin from the external environmental factors as well.

Once or twice a week:

8. Deep skin hydration: a sheet mask. Use twice a week or even more – there is never too much of hydration for our skin.
9. Facial scrubs, due to frequent temperature fluctuations, our skin is sensitive, and we recommend only mild measures that do not damage the skin.


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