A perfect gift

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A perfect gift

Lecler facial masks make an ideal gift and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. It is beautifully packaged. Your gift will be tastefully wrapped in soft coloured tissue paper, placed in a lustrous box and bound with silky ribbon to match the interior paper. Inside there will be a handwritten note with the message you have written.
  2. Guaranteed surprise. Sheet masks are hot news. They are the new thing on the market and not too many people have tried them yet.
  3. Flexibility with gift value. You can make it £25 or £50 or even £100 with Lecler sets which will turn your present into a continuous treat as we will ship one mask to your friend week after week.

And you get a mask too! For choosing great gifts, you deserve to get one as well. Please make sure you let us know if the address at checkout is yours or that of the person receiving the gift and you can enjoy a Lecler mask in little to no time too.

Surely you’re convinced now. All you have to do is put a mask of your choice into shopping basket, add gift wrap, let us know where the gift and your reward mask should be delivered and we will take care of the rest.

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