Argireline Peptide: Like Botox but without the needles

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Argireline Peptide: Like Botox but without the needles

Argireline is a bit of a dream peptide. It works in a very similar way to Botox by restricting movement in muscles and preventing wrinkles in your skin. The best bit? You don’t have to put up with nasty injections. You can simply use it in a serum or cream form.

Argireline works in a simple way. You apply it topically onto your skin and cells gradually absorb it. Once taken in, it stops the muscles from contracting by blocking a chemical pathway. Your cells therefore cannot move, you can’t crease your skin and the appearance of lines significantly decreases.

Ultimately using argireline prevents wrinkles. It won’t help your skin to repair or boost the production of important structural ingredients like collagen. It also does little to protect you from sunlight and ageing due to gravity.

Argireline is a fantastic active ingredient for those who don’t want the invasive and dramatic effects of Botox but do want to minimize the amount of wrinkles caused by skin creases. It has a much more subtle affect than Botox as it penetrates much shallower. This is perfect for users who want a more natural, youthful look to their complexion.  

Argireline is a key ingredient in Lecler’s Express Refresh mask. Why not give it a go and see how your skin feels? It’ll also have the added benefit of soaking in a serum enriched with ingredients that repairs skin, not just restricts movements in the muscles; an ideal combination.




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