5 Small Pleasures to Brighten Your Day (and your skin)

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5 Small Pleasures to Brighten Your Day (and your skin)

January is hectic. Life is hectic. When your work, commitments and life admin pile up, it can be very, very easy to get caught up in negativity. And we all know what a toll negativity takes on our skin. 

Don’t spiral, don’t dwell. Whenever it feels like it’s all too much, just take a minute and breathe. We all need those small pleasures in life to get us through the tough times – and to make the good times even better, too.

Here are a few of our favourite simple pleasures that will brighten your day. And when you’re happy on the inside, your skin will follow suit. 

1. Meditate 
When we’re busy, who is the last person we tend to make time for? Ourselves. Our work and personal lives are so demanding that many of us tend to give the best of ourselves to other people. Investing time and love in ourselves is crucial in order to be happy and fulfilled, and also to be able to do the other bits – the work, family, friends and partners “bits” – properly. 

In the morning, we all brush our teeth and our hair. But how many of us take a minute to brush our minds? To think about where we’re at, how we’re feeling, to reflect? A simple five or ten minutes meditation in the morning might be all you need to get connected with your purpose, think about what you need. If traditional meditation isn’t for you, perhaps take a few minutes to write a diary and note your intentions for the day. You might be surprised what it brings to the surface. 

2. Say YES…
To the things you want. These can be really small, familiar things. If it’s “one of those days” and you want a bar of chocolate, let yourself have it. But it can also be something new and exciting – agreeing to do something you wouldn’t normally do, but that makes you feel good. It’s empowering to break your routines and surprise yourself. 

3. Say NO… 
To the things you don’t want. This is just as important as saying yes, and for many people it’s even harder. If you don’t go out, don’t. You don’t have to feel guilty for not showing up to your friend’s friend’s drinks party. Put yourself first – it can be very freeing. 

4. Give yourself a spa treatment 
Taking time to pamper yourself is the ultimate simple pleasure. Take a long bath, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Apply your favourite skincare, sheet mask, moisturisers. Do your nails. Do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful, and really revel in it. 

5.  Buy yourself a bunch of flowers 
Why not? You deserve it. And every time you look at them you’ll know that you are able to bring colour, fun and joy into your own life. You don’t need anyone else to do it for you. 


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