Where do we take inspiration from?

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Where do we take inspiration from?

Women from the Far East have always been recognised for their flawless skin. Historically, they would lay damp pieces of fabric on their face to help hydrate their skin. Hundreds of years later, not only are these influences still apparent, but this simple technique has been perfected and popularised and now sits on the shelves of our most trusted retailers.
We were really impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of this skincare method and felt inspired to create one of our own. Our LECLER masks are very easy to use, their unique serum penetrates deep into the skin and hydrates it. What makes our masks so effective is that they are made from an extremely thin, silky sheet which moulds perfectly to the face. Not only does this maximise the nourishing effects on the skin, but it also ensures a convenience for everyday life. You can put the mask on while watching a movie, preparing for the party, even during lunch break in the office or doing yoga exercise. It is a product that is both rejuvenating and easy.
It took us one year to develop our Lecler masks, but we now feel we have created a product to be proud of – one that our customers will enjoy and would recommend to friends.


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