Which order should I apply my skincare?

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Which order should I apply my skincare?

Lecleritas are often after advice as to which order they should apply their skincare. This is one of those frustrating questions to which there is no definitive correct answer; different people with different skin types need different routines. However, there are a few basic rules you can follow which will set you on the right path- the rest is up to your own experimental tweaking. Always remember to listen to your skin, and adapt any steps if you need to.

1. Remove all make-up. This is an obvious one, but always worth a reminder. We generally recommend you start by removing eye make-up before moving on to the skin. If your eye make-up remover is oil-based, remember to wash it away with water after.

2. After removing make-up, the first step is always to cleanse. Whether you prefer a cream, foam, balm or anything else, this is one of the few golden rules that all skincare experts agree on. You need to rinse away ‘bad’ oils and impurities away before you working in the good stuff.

3. Having cleansed, a good rule of thumb to follow is apply ‘lightest to heaviest’. Lighter products such as tonic or toners tend to have smaller particle sizes so they can penetrate the skin more deeply. They also neutralise the pH balance in your skin and close up the pores.

4. Next apply ampoules, serums or elixirs. These will soothe and moisturise your skin. Select your treatment depending on your skin type; if you are over 30 and have not tried a concentrated treatment such as a Vitamin C treatment, we would recommend exploring this.

5. Eye cream. The secret weapon to combat dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

6. Moisturiser or oil, for day and night. Apply all your water-based products before anything heavier or oil-based; the oil will then lock in the moisture. Remember to let each layer of treatment fully soak in before you apply the next- oil and water don’t mix, and it will reduce the efficacy of each product.

7. Sun protection. If your chosen day cream does not contain SPF, applying sun protection should always be the final step- we’d recommend an SPF of 25-30 on a daily basis. Bear in mind that liquid or loose powder will protect your skin from the external environmental factors as well (but is, of course, no substitute for SPF).

Once or twice a week:

8. Apply a sheet mask. These will give your skin the intense hydration it needs. If you feel your skin needs it, you can apply even more- your skin can never get too much hydration.

9. Facial scrubs. These should be used sparingly, and will not suit all skin types. But if your skin is on the oily side, the occasional gentle facial scrub is recommended to balance it out and rejuvenate your face.


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