Introducing: Our Brand New Mask Sets

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Introducing: Our Brand New Mask Sets

Say hello to our brand new mask sets!

Why did we develop them? Since Lecler was born, we’ve noticed many of you Lecleritas express similar skincare concerns, whether its a recurring problem like dryness or a query about using sheet masks for the first time. What’s more, one sheet mask isn’t really the answer. Our clinical research with the University of Applied Science has shown that sheet masks work best as a course, ideally as a regular staple in your skincare routine. So, based on our research, we had the idea to develop mask sets that properly treat your most common skincare woes, giving you a real solution you can trust.

Let’s introduce you to the sets…

Intense Hydration sheet mask set

Intense Hydration Face Set | 8 masks

Problem: ‘My skin feels dry and dehydrated.’

Our bestselling collection: eight gorgeous, nourishing masks inspired by our clinical research that showed women saw a 41% increase in skin hydration after regularly using Lecler Intense Hydration sheet masks. Our Intense Hydration mask contains the highest percentage of Hyaluronic Acid Complex and is proven to significantly improve skin hydration with lasting effects.

Get Intense Hydration Set >>


Lecler pampering rituals

Pampering Rituals Set | 8 masks

Problem: ‘My skin is looking tired.’

This set is the perfect choice when you feel like you need to give your body and soul more tender loving care. Start with the course of Intense Hydration Lecler masks, before moving on the 4 Anti-Ageing Lecler masks to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Apply two masks per week so that you and your skin enjoy a full month of pampering and care.

Get Pampering Rituals Set >>


Antiageing Sheet Masks

Lifting Anti-ageing Set | 8 masks

Problem: ‘My skin is less firm, and I’m starting to see fine lines.’

This set is made up of eight face Lecler Anti-Ageing masks, which are proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity to reduce the signs of ageing. Participants of  reported that Lecler Anti-Ageing increased skin firmness by 55% and elasticity by 19% following a two-week course. Visibility of crow’s feet was reduced by 2–3%.

Get Lifting Anti-ageing Set >>


New morning routine

New Morning Routine Set | 4 masks

Problem: ‘My skin looks dull and tired in the morning.’

Lecler Express-Refresh is formulated to reduce fine lines and intensely hydrate the skin. Express-Refresh is proven to significantly boost skin performance for instant results when you need to look your best immediately. After just one application, clinical tests showed that Lecler Express-Refresh immediately increased skin hydration by 113% and elasticity by 2%. All you need to do is allow 10 minutes, apply your new mask, and let the peptides and hyaluronic acid give you instant beauty boost as you get ready for work.

Get New Morning Routine Set >>


Which sheet mask is right for me

The Toe-Dipper Set | 3 masks 

Problem: ‘When it comes to sheet masks, I don’t know where to start.’

For those of you who’d love to try a sheet mask, but aren’t sure which will best suit your skin type. This set contains all three Lecler sheet masks so dip your toes into the sheet mask world and choose your favourite. Lecler Intense Hydration is great for long-term improvement in skin condition, hydration, suppleness and reduced roughness. Lecler Express-Refresh significantly boosts skin performance for immediate results. And Lecler Anti-Ageing improves firmness and elasticity to prevent ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Get The Toe-Dipper Set >>


How to recover your skin after parties

Weekend Party Set | 3 masks

Problem: ‘Long weekends take it out on my skin.’

Our Weekend Party set will take care of your skin from Friday through Sunday and beyond. Apply the Anti-Ageing Lecler after work on Friday to pamper your skin after a long day, get an immediate skin boost before heading out on Saturday with Express Refresh and on that difficult Sunday morning give your skin some good with the Intense Hydration mask.

Get Weekend Party Set >>


Travel skin

Essential Travel Set | 4 masks

Problem: ‘Flights take a huge toll on my skin.’

With the dry air, jet lag, dehydration and poor eating, our skin suffers a lot during flights. Our Essential Travel Set consists of two Intense Hydration masks for the post-flight skin recovery and two Express Refresh masks to boost your skin for that important business trip or special dinner on a family holiday.

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