Building new habits: your new skincare routine

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Building new habits: your new skincare routine


Let me ask you a question. How many products do you have in your bedroom and bathroom – skincare, beauty or otherwise? If you’re a beauty addict like us at Lecler, the answer is probably a fair few…

Now, another question. Of those products, how many do you actually use?

Most of us have reams of products for pampering and preening, but we only tend to use a handful of them. The rest are doomed to the backs of cupboards, sadly dwindling past their sell-by date until we are forced by necessity to let them go.

This is just one of beauty addicts’ bad habits – and, like all bad habits, one day it’s got to be broken.

So we propose a beauty detox, and encourage you to build new habits that your skin will thank you for. Studies show that a new habit takes only three weeks to cultivate; and we’ve got 5 tips to get you started.

1. Say goodbye to makeup wipes

We’ve all been there: you get in after a long night, full evening face on, and you just can’t summon the energy to cleanse. But makeup wipes dehydrate your skin and, what’s more, spread dirt and grime. It’s time to make a proper cleanse an essential part of your evening routine – invest in one fabulous, easy-to-use cleansing product that you won’t go to bed without.

2. Use eye cream daily

The area around the eyes is the most susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Using a moisturising eye cream on a daily basis will make this sensitive skin appear plumper, firmer, and far more youthful.

3. Show love to your neck

Many people think their face ends with the chin – but the neck needs love too. The delicate skin on your neck is liable to show signs of ageing earliest, so it’s important to treat it right. Rather than just smear what’s leftover from your cheeks, apply your products generously down to your chest for a glowy, youthful appearance.

4. Integrate a sheet mask into your regular routine

Good quality sheet masks are infused with powerful ingredients that have proven long-lasting benefits for your skin. If you can get into the habit of using 1-2 sheet masks on a weekly basis, the impact on your skin will be powerful.

5. Get in the full 8-hours sleep

We know you’re tired (literally) of hearing this one – but it’s the best habit we can encourage not just for your skin, but for improved performance at work, an increased mood level and reduced stress. If you have trouble sleeping, before bed try taking a relaxing bath, drinking a soothing herbal tea and avoid using your phone in bed as much as possible. Ask any expert: sleep is the number one ingredient for happy ski


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