7 reasons to pack Lecler on holiday

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7 reasons to pack Lecler on holiday

Travelling abroad is one of life’s great pleasures. Unfortunately, it can also take its toll on your skin.

Hopping from place to place, encountering different air, food and activities can cause skin to look tired, dry or even break out. But never fear: Lecler offers a simple solution to many of your travelling skincare woes. Here are seven reasons why sheet masks should be suitcase essentials…

1. Plane journeys make skin hugely dehydrated due to the lack of humidity in the air.  If you don’t mind getting looks from fellow passengers, putting your sheet mask on in-flight is a great way to protect your skin (Jessica Alba does it; why shouldn’t we?) Otherwise, if you want to avoid the looks, mask up as soon as you arrive to the hotel to give your skin the hydration boost it needs.


Dermatologist tip: Elizabeth Tanzi, assistant clinical professor in dermatology in George Washington University, recommends treatments that include Lecler’s key ingredient, hyaluronic acid on plane journeys. In an article for Allure magazine, she states that ‘When there’s no water in the air [on a plane], moisturisers don’t work as well as there’s nothing for them to grab onto’. Hyaluronic acid, however, has the remarkable ability to bind with water.


2) Sheet mask are easily portable. They take up very little room in your suitcase and don’t have to be placed in a plastic liquids bag in carry-on luggage, so you can take as many as you like.


3) On a short-term basis, Lecler can substitute other steps in your skincare regimen, such as serum, eye cream and even moisturiser, to minimise packing.


4) Extended exposure to sunshine can dry out your skin. If you are heading off to a hot holiday destination, there is nothing better than a sheet mask to hydrate your skin after a day in the sun. Lecler’s Intense Hydration mask would be your best bet for a deep treatment post-sun exposure.


5) Changes in climate can cause your skin to react in other unexpected ways. If you’re someone who breaks out on holiday, heavy creams clog your pores and can exacerbate the problem. Lecler’s lightweight formula is a great way to balance excessive oiliness and treat superficial blemishes.


6) If you’re heading off on a work trip, sheet masks are more essential than ever. Jet lag makes us tired, and our skin bears the brunt of it. Lecler Express Refresh delivers immediate results so is an ideal fix before a big event or meeting.


7) Holidays are really about getting time to unwind. Though Lecler masks can be used on the go, they can also be used as a pampering treat. Why not create your own spa experience in your hotel: have a bath, put on a mask and really indulge. Your skin will thank you.


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