5 Tips to Fight Tired Mid-Winter Skin

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Winter skincare tips

5 Tips to Fight Tired Mid-Winter Skin

It’s that time of year. January is cold and dark and seems interminably long, and nothing bears the brunt of it like our skin. Tightness, redness and dryness are all common winter skincare afflictions – and, while they’re irritating as anything, you can take comfort in the fact that thousands of other women share your pain. And anyway, we’ve got the know-how to make your mid-winter skin slump a thing of the past.

  1. Oil is EVERYTHING

We mean it: for your hair, for your skin, for your hands, nourishing oils are excellent during the winter. Oils are lipophilic, meaning they combine with liquid – effectively, trapping moisture into your skin. There are a huge number of oils to choose from: olive, sunflower and jojoba oil are particularly good for very dry skin, while coconut or lavendar oil are great for sensitive or irritated skin. Avocado oil is a fantastic all-rounder, while argan oil is known to be especially good for hair. Certain oils, such as antioxidant rosehip seed oil, can also act as a barrier against pollution and other toxins. And, if you’re acne-prone, antibacterial tea tree oil can be an effective zit-busting topical treatment.

For most people, oil should be the very last step in your skincare routine. Oil is an emollient, meaning that rather than absorbing into the very deepest layers of your skin, it tends to stay on the outer layers – it is NOT a replacement for a moisturiser. Night-time is thought to be the best time of day to maximise the restorative effects, so use it after your favourite night cream. You could also add an enriching oil to your bath for a hydrating and relaxing boost.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

We know, we know, it’s boring to hear. But if you’re not hydrated on the inside, it’s impossible to stay hydrated on the outside. During winter the cold air outside can make skin chapped and flaky, and having the heating on inside can suck moisture out of your skin, so it’s important to drink every bit as much water as you would in the summer time.

3. Time for a facial

Winter is the ideal time to treat yourself to a professional treatment. We are exposed to far less light in wintertime, which can often lead to a dull complexion. Peels or exfoliating treatments will scrub away dead skin, allow your skincare to absorb better and generally provide the perfect skin pick-me-up. Your skin moves through a full cycle of cell growth every three to four weeks, so if you can make time for a monthly or bi-monthly facial then that’s the best way to maximise the treatment. If you aren’t able to make that, then you can do your own facial at home with the Lecler Intense Hydration mask.

4. Look after your lips

Nothing accentuates tired-looking skin like dry lips, and we all know how the winter air can make them chap. Invest in a good quality lip product to see you through the season, and consider gentle lip scrubs if the weather really gets to them. TIP: you find scrubs too harsh, you can buff away dead skin with a toothbrush as well.

5. Add a sheet mask to your routine

If you do not already use sheet masks as part of your skincare routine, now is definitely the time to start. Sheet masks not only make your skin feel soft, supple and fabulous after use, but can have profound long-lasting benefits as well. Lecler’s research with the University of Applied Science proves that after 8 weeks using our Anti-Ageing mask, firmness went up by 55% and elasticity by 19%, while the Intense Hydration mask course caused hydration to increase 41% and roughness to decrease by 67%.

6. Don’t forget SPF

Just because your skin sees less sunlight, it does not mean you should shelve the SPF. While you will encounter less UBV in winter, UVA levels are still significant. You may not notice the immediate anti-ageing benefits, but long term this is probably the best skincare step you can take.


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