“Every woman who desires to be beautiful can be beautiful, and the power to do that is in her own hands.”

Chizu Saeki, revolutionary Japanese beautician.

At Lecler we want every woman to feel beautiful, to be the one that shines out in a crowd with her natural beauty and feels inspired looking at herself in the mirror. There is no need to fuss over every line on our face, these are empowering signs of a life lived and loved.

It is the overall glow of our face that is the most important. To help women to take care of their skin we have developed facial masks – beauty treatments which are convenient and efficient for everyday life. These thin mask that mould perfectly to the face allow you to continue with your busy schedule; be that on the plane, watching a movie or doing yoga; whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin. Historically, facial masks are well established part of beauty routine in Asia, a tradition that continues today in a culture where women are known for flawless skin. This phenomena has now started to gain well deserved recognition in the UK as well.

Both of us have a Masters degree in Medicine and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years developing medicine as well as beauty products. With this extensive knowledge of medicine, we have chosen ingredients which hydrate and replenish your skin. It doesn’t stop there though, our product is developing all the time, constantly striving to improve and getting us even more excited by this convenient but luxurious beauty product. We have trialled the masks on ourselves, our families and our friends with fantastic feedback all round. We aim to perfect the masks to the extent that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked forever.

Founders, Ineta and Birute


Lecler core team, trio of enthusiastic women convinced beauty mask is simply the best thing on earth. Ineta is our Head of Research and Development, Birute and Indre are running Baltics and the UK businesses respectively.

Lecler sheet mask founder Birute